Wallachian cuisine

Wallachian cuisine is influenced by the French gastronomy


Wallachian cuisine is influenced by the French gastronomy. Thus, besides the traditional dishes based on vegetables and meat, well known and appreciated are the bors made from sorrel, from nettles, beans, mushrooms or chicken. Fried or broiled Danube mackerel is a dainty dish appreciated both by locals and their neighbours in the other provinces of Romania. In Wallachia people also like dried prune stew or prune and meat stew. Cheese or pumpkin pie is often eaten here, notably in winter. Puddings, salads - a la russe or boeuf salad, pasta and the delicious sweet doughnuts made from dough fried in oil combine very well with the pilaf, moussaka or chulama of Mid-Eastern origin.


The chicken stew with quinces or apricots or the duck with olives can honourably compete for a top place among people's favourites.

Rooster or goose jelly is favoured by the people of Wallachia although in winter they also enjoy pork jelly. But the everyday meals of Wallachian Romanians are made up of beef or meatball bors or else vegetable broth and omelette with onions or poached eggs with mamaliga and cheese.

The wine in Wallachia is mainly produced at Dealu Mare, the homeland of red wines. The climate conditions from Dealu Mare vineyard favors the production of red wines rich in fruits and perfumes, soft and without excessive tannins. The climate is ideal for Cabernet-Sauvignon, Merlot (ideal company for the most refined meals, the vigor and the complexity of its bouquet are perfectly adapted for venison, red meat and cheese) and Pinot Noir.