Vine leaves stuffed with fish


Another delicious recipe from the Danube Delta



* A bunch of vine leaves
* 1 kg fish
* a cup of rice
* 1 egg
* salt, pepper
* tomato paste
* sourcream


Clean the fish off the bones. Mince the fish meat twice, add rice, egg , salt, pepper. Scald the vine leaves to soften them. Fill the leaves with the fish mixture and roll them. Make a sauce of little water, salt, pepper and tomatoes paste. Place the stuffed vine leaves in the sauce and let them boil until the vine leaves are soft and the rice inside is done. Taste one to be sure. Serve them hot with sourcream on top and hot polenta. Tip: you can replace the vine leaves with hollowed tomatoes, bell peppers or zucchini.

(The Romanian name of the dish: Sarmalute de peste in foi de vita).