Vegetable balls


A vegetable mix in a nice shape.



* 200 gr potatoes
* 200 gr cabbage
* 3 eggs
* fresh parsli, dill
* 100 gr green beans
* 200 gr bread core (sponge)
* 200 gr cauliflower
* 100 gr spinach
* 200 gr pieces of leek
* 200 gr cheese
* 1 onion
* pepper, salt, oil
* flour, bread crumbs


Boil all vegetables and drain well. Fry the onion and drain as well. Soak and squeeze the bread core in a bit of milk. Mince all of the above and mix well. Add scraped cheese, pepper, eggs, dill, parsli (chopped). Add a bit of oil. Make balls, flatten them and roll them through flour and bread crumbs. Fry in a bit of oil. Serve as appetizer, hot with sour-cream on top.

(Romanian name of the dish: Chiftele din legume)