Travel & Transport Tips to visit Romania


  • The Romanian railways introduced a new train called the Blue Arrow. Check its route and schedule.
  • Also check all the trains that take you from Bucharest to the Black Sea Side. Between the littoral resorts you can use the private microbus network that ties the cities up.
  • In order to reach the city of Tulcea from Constanta harbor, you can either take a slow train (5 hours) or just take a fast microbus (2 hours) from Autogara Tomis 2. If you want to visit the Delta and you are coming from Bucharest you can take the new Blue Arrow (5 hours and a half) train that drops you right in Tulcea and from there the Boat from the fluvial station (gara fluviala).
  • To the Danube Delta village Sfantul Gheorghe you can reach only by boat. Basically you can travel by car only until Mahmudia or Murighiol and take the boat for two hours only. Or you can just take the boat directly from Tulcea. The boat leaves every day at 13:30 and arrives to Sfantul Gheorghe at 17:30. On Wednesday there are no boats. The boat leaves Sfantul Gheorghe at 6:00 to arrive in Tulcea at 11:00. Saturday and Sunday there is a special schedule.
  • To get from Sinaia to Bran (cheap): take a train from Sinaia to Brasov (there is one each hour), then just take the trolleybus10(10 barat) just in front of the train station to Autogara 2. From there just take the Bran bus and here you are. Other option would be to take a taxi directly from Sinaia to Bran (two hours one the road plus waiting other two hours-900.000 lei=$30). If you however chose to take the cab from Brasov that taxi would cost 600.000 lei ($20).
  • The Peles ticket price (90.000=$3) includes visiting of the adjacent Pelisor Castle. No cameras are allowed and you need to put over your shoes some wool sleepers (they are given to you at the entrance). The Bran ticket is cheaper (70.000 lei=$2.2) and includes visiting the surrounding Village Museum and artisan shops. Cameras of any kind are allowed. In Bran you must try the delicious Kurtos Kolacs (Szeckler pound cake). It is better if you change the foreign currency in Brasov or to Bran Inn (Hanul Bran). Do not change with the private exchangers in Bran because they will rip you off.
  • In Vama Veche do not forget to try out the famous pancakes (bananas in diapers- fried bananas, wrapped in a thin pancake, with whipped cream and chocolate sauce on top). You cannot miss the place, it is called “Papa bun” (Good food), ask about it and everybody will lead you to it.