Tongue with sour cream sauce


An excellent all-occasions dish



* 1 kg tongue (pork or beef)
* 3 liters water
* 1 carrot
* 1 parsley bunch
* 3 onions, pepper
* 1 spoon of flour
* 1/2 mug of sourcream
* 1 spoon butter, salt


Wash the tongue very well and keep it in cold water for at least an hour before preparation. Put it to boil and add the carrot, parsley and 2 onions. Remove from fire and let the soup rest for few hours. Peel the tongue while is still hot and cut it in small slices. Fry the onion with butter until golden, then add flour and a half mug of broth, pepper and salt. Add soucream and pour the whole sauce on top of the tongue. Let it boil 10 more minutes.

To be served hot with white wine. (Romanian name of the dish: Limba cu sos de smantana)