A delicious meat product



* 2 pig legs
* 2 kidneys
* 1 heart
* 100 g pork skin
* 3 bay leaves
* 1 pig bladder (or thick beef intestine)
* 500 g pork meat
* 2 ears
* 1 tongue
* 1/2 pig head
* 2 cloves garlic
* salt, pepper


Leave the bladder or intestine in cold water with salt and vinegar. Wash the kidneys intensly then leave them to rest in cold water and vinegar over night. Boil the head, legs, ears, heart with salt, pepper, bay leaves. Separately, boil the tongue, kidneys, skin, meat for at least one hour. Peel the tongue. Boil until the water diminishes. Crush the garlic. Cut all the meat in cubes, and mix it with garlic, salt, pepper.

Fill the bladder with the meat mixture and pour on top, inside, over the meats the broth where the legs, ears boiled (should become a gelatine when cold). Sew the bladder well, boil in salty water for 1/4 hour. Let it get a bit cold and place it between two flat platforms (wooden eventually) to become round and flat as a drum. Serve it with mustard and home made bread. Wash it down with Romanian Plum Brandy (Tuica).

(The Romanian name of the dish: Toba)