Theodor Aman

Theodor Aman painting


Theodor Aman (1831-1891) with historical compositions contributed to the spread of the national spirit, specific for the decades that followed the 1848 revolution.

He was born in Campulung-Muscel.
- He takes drawing lessons with Constantin Lecca painter, at the Central School from Craiova.
1850: He goes to Paris, where studies painting with Michel Martin Drolling.
1851: Studies with Francois Edouard Picot. This time he starts a historical compositions series, one of his favorites genre, in which he excels, creating a school (Last night of Mihai Vitezul, 1852; Battle from Oltenita, 1857; Battle from Alma, 1855; Union of the Principates, 1859; Romanian battle with the turks in St. George Island, 1859; Vlad Tepes and the messengers, 1861-1864; Turks driving away at Calugareni, 1872; Tudor Vladimirescu, 1874-1876; Boyards catched at dinner by Vald Tepes messengers, 1885-1887).
1863: He becomes the first director of the Fine Arts National School.


In his rigorous painting, the evocation symbols bring certain freshness, in the sense of the artist situation in reality. The novelties of his paintings are responses to his social and political cares in the period of the national state formation. There are also tries to enlighten the palette, by instantaneous snapshots, which speak to us about the echo, being even pale, of his experiences with some french artist which painted outdoor, at Barbizon, near Paris, where in the 7th and 8th decades, the basis of impressionism are layed out (View with the boat on the lake; Street in Sinaia; Constanta Harbour; Family Reunion; Gunboat in Constanta Harbour; In Park).