A very, very tasty and refreshing dip. The Greeks call it "tzatziki" and the Turks "Dgiadgeek". In Lebanon you find it as "Khyar w laban", meaning cucumber with youghurt. Also in Lebanon the "Tarator" is another type of dip made out of Tahina (sesame puree, the same used to make the hommos), water, lemon juice and salt. The Lebanese Tarator is used to dip fried fish, fried cauliflower, shawarma, falafel.


Th Greek, Turkish and Romanian tarator can be used even as a refreshing dish during summer.


* 500 g sheep youghurt
* 1 spoon olive oil
* 1 bunch green, fresh mint leaves
* salt, pepper
* 3 cloves garlic
* 1 bunch green dill
* 250 g cucumbers


Peel the cucumbers and cut them very fine. Mince the garlic. Chop the dill, mint. Mix everything and refridgerate it. Eat as it is during summer, it is very refreshing. Also use it as a dip for grilled meat.