Smoked sausages


A delicious recipe for home made smoked sausages



* 1 kg pork meat
* 1/2 kg bacon (lard)
* garlic
* salt, pepper, nutmeg
* intestines


Mince the meat together with the bacon and add the spices. Wash well the intestines and fill them. Sew or tie the edges and let them in a cold place. You can boil them and consume them in the next few days or you can smoke them on a dry fir-tree fire and keep them for a longer time. When smoked are delicious. Hint: Cut small slices of smoked sausages, throw couple of eggs in a frying pan and have this terrible, delicious omlette.

Serve the smoked sausages with home made bread or polenta and wash'em down with Romanian Plum Brandy (Tuica).

(The Romanian name of the dish: Carnati afumati)