Romanian Meat Balls


A traditional Romanian way of preparing the meat balls



* 1 kg veal meat (from the neck is better)
* 250 gr lamb
* 250 horse meat (optional)
* 500 pork meat
* 1 spoon salt
* 1 head garlic
* pepper, salt, chilli
* thyme
* 3 spoons sour-cream or 1 spoon dicarbonate
* 1 spoon cumin, juniper
* 1 spoon paprika (sweet or hot)


Mix all the above ingredients, make small balls and then roll them into long and round cilinders. Grill them on wood fire and serve them with hot mustard and French rolls. If the mustard is sweet, you can add to it some horse-radish. Serve them with some red wine.

(Romanian name of the dish: Mici sau Mititei)