Romanian flag Coat of arms

Wallachian flag


The Romanian flag still keeps the 1848 revolutionary spirit: "Justice and brotherhood". Its colors mean blue sky (freedom), gold grains (wealth) and red blood (heroes' sacrifices).


The official flag of Romania is blue, yellow, red in three vertical stripes and was adopted revolutionary flag in 1848. The coat of arm represent each historical region: Wallachia – a golden eagle, Moldavia – a bull, Banat and Oltenia – a lion, Crişana and Maramureş – a black eagle and Dobrudja – two dolphins. The flag: red, yellow and blue – three vertical stripes. Adopted as flag during 1848 revolution, became the official flag of Romania after the 1859 Union.

The coat of arms: adopted in 1992, represents a golden eagle on a blue background that holds a cross in its beak, and a sword and a scepter in its claws and a shield on its chest. The shield symbolizes the historical provinces: Wallachia (the upper left shield – on blue background an eagle holding in its beak a golden orthodox cross with a golden sun at its right and a full moon at its left), Moldavia (the upper right shield – on red background a black bull with a star between its horns, a five petal silver rose at its right and a silver half-moon at its left), Banat and Oltenia (the lower left shield – on red background a two arch yellow bridge on water – symbolizes the Emperor Traian’s bridge across Danube built by Apolodor from Damascus – upon which stands a golden lion with a sword in his right forepaw), Maramureş and Crişana (the lower right shield – with two sides on a blue background, a black eagle with golden claws, a golden sun at its right and a silver moon at its left; the lower side features seven towers on yellow background, four in the first row and three in the second), Dobrudja (the lower middle shield – on blue background two face to face dolphins with their heads downwards.

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