Short History of Romano-Lebanese Relations


  • Very old references indicate the existence of relations between the ancestors of both Romanians and Lebanese since the Roman era.
  • In the Middle Ages Romanian territories and Lebanon maintained close relations especially on a cultural and religious level.
  • The very first Arabic Christian religious books were edited in Romania in the locality of Snagov. The Arabic printing press was later offered to the Orthodox monastery of Balamand in Lebanon.
  • From 1922 and until the Lebanese proclamation of independence the interests of Lebanon in Romania were represented by France.
  • From February 16th until Juin 2nd 1927, Georges Haddad acted as Consular Agent for Romania in Lebanon. He was later on followed by Emile Rabbat whose mandate lasted until the Second World War.
  • In 1932 the Syriano-Libano-Romanian Chamber of Commerce was created and based in Beirut. And on July 15th 1937 an accord was signed between the Romanian Government and the Chamber.
  • January 6th 1965 Romania and Lebanon establish Diplomatic relation on the level of Embassies.
  • The Romanian Embassy was opened in Beirut in November 1966 and has never been closed since.
  • The Romanian airlines, Tarom, started flying to Beirut on August 27th 1947. It was then a mixed romanian-soviet venture called "TARS", and made the Beirut-Bucharest-Budapest-Prague-Warsaw-Moscow journey in 24 hours, with flights every 12 days. In 1968, Tarom flew once weekly between Bucharest and Beirut using Ilyushin IL18 planes, like the one featured below. (Source: