A delicious Easter cookie.


Dough: 500 g cozonac dough (check out the cozonac recipe), 50 g butter to lubricate the griddle

Filling: 500 g sweet cottage cheese (double creme), 1 glass sugar, 2 spoons flour, salt, 2 spoons raisins, 4 eggs (one for ointment), 2 spoons butter, 1 glass milk, cinamon (nutmeg), sugared-vanilla, lemon peeling.

Spread the dough in the griddle, round and as thick as a finger. Cut the extra edges and plait them them together. You can make a cross on top from those or place them as a lace on the round edge(around the pie itself as a cercle). Place the filling made out of cheese and the rest of the ingredients. Lubricate with one beaten egg. Bake it for 40 minutes or less, until the cheese gets a light beige crust.

(The Romanian name of the dish: Pasca)