Nicolae Grigorescu


Nicolae Grigorescu (1838-1907) the greatest Romanian painter is remarkable for the variety of the subjects and also for his original style derived from realism.


1837: He was born on the 15 of May, in Pitaru (Dambovitza County), the sixth son of Ion and Ruxandra Grigorescu.
1845: His father, Ion Grigorescu, dies and the whole family goes to live in Bucharest.
1848: Nicolae becomes apprentice of Anton Chladek, an icons painter.
1853: Paints the church from Baicoi.
1854: Paints some icons for the Caldarusani Monastery.
1856: Presents one of his historic paintings to prince Barbu Stirbei. His application for a scholarship abroad is rejected by the regent Alexandru Dimitrie Ghica.
1856: Paints the church of Zamfira Convent.
1857: Participates to a contest for a scholarship in Italy, won by C.I.Stanceascu, his future colleague from Paris.
1858: Paints the church of Agapia Convent.
1861: He obtains a scholarship, with Mihail Kogalniceanu's help, to Paris. Paints the church from Puchenii Mari.
1863: Works in his workshop in Paris, 23, Rue du Cherche-Midi.
1864: Works at Louvre Museum, making copies after the paintings of the world's biggest artists.
1864: Comes back to Romania for a documentation journey.
1867: Paricipates at the Universal Exhibition in Paris with six paintings. Comes back to Romania and works at Caldarusani, Targoviste, Campulung and Rucar.
1868: Participates at the Barbizon painters' exhibition. Napoleon III buys one of his paintings. Exhibits for the first time at Salon de Paris.
1870: Exhibits 26 paintings at the alive artists' exhibition. He wins the gold medal for the "Portrait of the boyar Nasturel Herescu". Paints few more portraits ("Dimitrie Grecescu",doctor Alexandru Marcovici").
1871: Participates at the opening of the first exhibition under the patronage of the Society of Fine-Arts Friends with 148 paintings. Participates at the Universal Exhibition in Wien.
1873: Starts a two years tour through Wien, Trieste, Venice, Rome, Neaples, Athens, Constantinopole.
1876: Participates at the third edition of the exhibition initiated by the Society of the Fine-Arts Friends with paintings with rustic theme.
1881: Organizes a big personal exhibition and participates at the alive artists exhibition with "The Foot Soldier".
1883: Journey in France, in Bretagne and the environs of Paris. Paints a lot sea landscapes.
1889: Participates at the Universal Exhibition in Paris and at the Romanian Atheneum. Personal exhibition at the Romanian Atheneum will follow in 1891, 1895, 1897, 1902, 1905.
1901: He gets sick and goes to Karlsbad for a cure.
1906: Chooses the paintings for the General Exhibition.
1907: He dies at Campina, without finishing the painting "Coming back from fair".