Sinaia took its name after the monastery of Sinaia, 1659, and as established after its founder Mihai Cantacuzino made a trip to the holly mountain of Sinai. Sinaia offers lighted by night ski slopes, the royal Palaces of Peles and Pelisor and numerous other attractions.
Close to it are the cities of Predeal, (old city whose name means In front of the Hill) with great ski slopes as well, and Brasov, which is one hour by train.


In the forests there are many wolves and bears. In fact there are more bears and wolves in the forests of Romania than in all the forests of Europe put together. The dogs will growl and then bark if any danger approaches, warning the shepherds to wake up, chase away the animals and save the sheep.

Wolves are strong and if they can, they will jump over the fence and snatch a sheep and run away with it to feed the rest of the pack of wolves, including their cubs.

Poo Bear loves to eat honey. We know that bears also eat the roots of plants and berries. But when they feel that the summer will soon end, they will try to eat sheep which are not only tasty but also full of fat. Bears need to get very fat by the end of summer because they are hibernators. In winter the mountains are covered with deep snow and there is nothing for them to eat. When winter starts the bears will go into a cave and sleep there for months, only waking up in spring when the flowers start to bloom.

Romania's ski resorts are among the Europe's most enjoyable and friendly winter sports destinations. Most of the instructors are English, German or French speakers. Natural Reservations are numerous, protecting 75,000 hectares. Some, like the Retezat Mountains, have been designated as national Parks where wildlife includes the rare bearded vulture, red deer, chamois, marmot, wild boar, lynx and bears.

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