Mircea Eliade


Mircea Eliade 1907-1986 an erudite in the comparative history of religions, novelist essayist and philosopher.


1907: Mircea Eliade is born on the 9th of March in Bucharest as the second son of captain Gheorghe Eliade and Ioana Eliade
1917: He is admitted at Spiru Haret High School
1921: On the 12th of May he makes his debut with Inamicul viermelui de mătase
1923: He learns Italian in order to read Papini in original and he learns English in order to read Frazer. He starts studying Jewish and Persian.
1925: Eliade is student at the Faculty of Philosophy in Bucharest
1927: His first trip to Italy. He visits Papini who influenced him when he was young
1928: In October he graduates the University of Bucharest with a paper about Campanella
1928: On the 20th of November he leaves for India
1928: Between 25th of November and December the 5th he travels throughout Egipt. On the 26th of December he arrives at Calcutta
1930: From January until September he lives in Calcutta where he meets Maitreyi
1931: In December he leves India and returns to Bucharest
1933: Mircea Eliade graduates the doctorate with the paper Compared history of Yoga techniques
1936: Between July and August Eliade travels to Oxford, London and Berlin
1940: Leaves for London as a cultural attaché
1941: From February the 10th and until 1944 he is councillor at the embassy in Lisbon
1945: On 16th of September he moves to Paris with his daughter Giza
1949: In July he makes a trip to Italy where he writes 300 pages of Noaptea de Sânziene
1950: He participates at the International Congress of History of Religions in Amsterdam
1957: Eliade moves to Chicago as a professor of history of religions at the Chicago University
1960: Mircea Eliade participates at the Congress of History of Religions in Marburg
1964: He receives the title of Sewele L. Avery Distinguished Service Professor
1966: On 11th of May he becomes Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
1970: Visits Sweden and Norway and participates at the Congress of History of Religions
1977: He receives the Bordin Award from the French Academy
1985: Becomes Doctor Honoris Causa of Washington University
1986: On the 22nd of April, Mircea Eliade dies and is incinerated the next day at the Rockfeller Chapel in Hyde Park