Meatballs sour soup


Can be served with sour cream or simply as it is.


Broth ingredients: 1 medium onion, cut in thin strips, 2 medium carrots, chopped finely, 1 handful of rice (about 1/2 cup), 2 Tbsp oil, for sauteeing, 1-2 Liters water, tomato juice (or sauce, depending on desired consistency), about 2 cups or to taste Romanian Borsh (or lemon juice) to taste

Meatballs ingredients:1/2 Kg ground meat, 1 handful rice, 1 egg, slice of bread (without the crust), soaked in water and well drained, chopped onion and parsley, salt, pepper to taste


To make the meatballs, mix together all the ingredients. Then take a little of this mixture at a time in slightly damp hands (so as not to be sticky) and make walnut-sized little balls. For the broth, sautee the onion slightly, then add the carrots and the rice, and leave for 5 minutes. Add the water and leave to boil for 15 minutes, then add the meatballs. Boil several times and towards the end add the tomato juice or sauce and the "bors" (the "bors" is not supposed to boil more than a couple of times). Make sure that the meatballs are cooked through, top with more fresh chopped parsley and serve with good bread. Serve hot with sour cream.

(The Romanian name of the dish: Ciorba de perisoare cu smantana)