Marin Preda


Marin Preda (1922-1980) one of the greatest contemporary Romanian novelists.


1922: On the 5th of August, Marin Preda is born in Silistea Gumesti, Teleorman county. He attends primary school in his native village.
1937: In September his father sends him to school in Abrud, and then he goes to Cristur-Odorhei.
1940: The school he is attending closes and Marin Preda is moved to Bucharest.
1941: Finishing school he does not return to his native village, and he is proof-reader at Timpul.
1945: He is proof-reader at România liberã (Free Romania).
1952: He is an editor at the cultural newspaper Viata Româneascã.
1956: Marin Preda receives the State Prize for his novel Morometii.
1957: Marin Preda makes a trip to Vietnam. Returning home, he makes a stop at Pekin.
1960: For two years he reads the great novelists of the world. He is fascinated by William Faulkner.
1965: Marin Preda translates A. Camus' The Plague.
1968: Marin Preda is elected vice-president of the Romanian Writers' Union.
1970: He is named manager of the Cartea Româneascã Publishing House.
1970: Together with Niculae Gane he translates Feodor Dostoievski's novel entitled The Demons.
1971: Marin Preda's novel "The Great Lonely One" is awarded the Union of the Writers' prize.
1974: He is elected as correspondent member of the Romanian Academy.
1976: The novel "The Great Lonely One" appears in its second edition.
1977: Marin Preda publishes "Life as a Prey", an ample novel about the crystallizing of an artist's consciousness.
1980: Preda's last novel, "The Most Beloved of Earthmen" is published. On the 16th of May, Marin Preda dies under strange circumstances