Lucian Blaga


Lucian Blaga (1895-1961) Romanian poet and philosopher.


1895: On the 9th of May, Lucian Blaga is born in Lancrăm, near Alba Iulia. He is the ninth child of a priest’s family. He starts primary school in his native village, but hw will continue his studies in Sebeş and then the high school in Braşov. Even since this period he becomes familiar to Friedrich Schiller’s works
1909: After his father’s death, his family moves to Sebeş. This year he also makes his début.
1911: He travels to Italy where he spends his time in libraries looking for philosophy books and visiting the historical vestiges of this country
1914: Until 1917 he attends the courses of the Theology Faculty in Sibiu
1916: During the summer, Blaga visits Vienna where he first gets in touch with the expressionism
1917: He becomes licensed in theology. In fall he starts his doctorate courses in Vienna
1920: He becomes Doctor of Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy in Vienna
1921: He starts an intense writing activity and receives the Adamachi Award from the Romanian Academy
1924: Between 1924 and 1925 he lives in Lugoj
1928: He is appointed press attaché at the Romanian Legation in Berlin
1932: He is spokesman and then councillor at the Romanian Legation in Berlin
1933: His mother, Nina Blaga dies in Sibiu at the age of 74
1935: He receives the C. Hamagiu Award from the Romanian Academy for his literature activity
1936: Lucian Blaga is elected member of the Romanian Academy
1937: Blaga is transferred at the Romanian Legation in Bern as a press councillor
1938: He is appointed minister in Portugal
1949: The Romanian Academy ask him to wrote to chapters of the Romanian Philosophy History
1951: He is appointed head librarian at the Romanian Academy Library in Cluj
1954: He is appointed deputy director of the Academy Library
1958: The first volume of Works by G.E. Lessing’s translated by Blaga is published
1961: On the 6th of May Lucian Blaga dies. He is buried on his birthday, on the 9th of May