Lamb Borsh


Very tasty lamb Borsh, eaten around Easter



* 2 liters water
* 1 liter Borsch
* 1 kg lamb meat
* 1 parsley bunch
* 1 carrot one bunch of green onion
* 3 spoon of rice
* 1 yolk
* 2 spoons of sour cream


Boil the meat in salty water. After it is boiled, add the carrot, parsley and a small onion. After a while add the Borsh, parsley and the green part from the onions plus the rice. Mix in a bowl the sour-cream with the yolk and add it to the boiling Borsh. Add salt to taste. It should have a pleasant sourish taste. To be served hot.

This is a Romanian traditional dish and is usually eaten around Easter time when the Romanians cook lots of lamb. On a regular base, the Romanians cook more with pork meat.

(Romanian name of the dish: Bors de miel)