Ion Luca Caragiale


Ion Luca Caragiale (1852-1912) the greatest Romanian short-story writer, satirized the caprices of the Romanian society. Today his works have the same power as one century ago.


1852: On the 30 of January 1852, Caragiale is born in Haimanale village (today named after him). He is the son of Luca Ştefan and Ecaterina.
1860: Starts attending the primary school in Ploieşti and after that the secondary school at Sf. Petru şi Pavel
1868: Goes to the Bucharest Conservatory where he attends the dramatic art courses.
1870: He is hired as second prompter at the National Theatre in Bucharest
1878: He meets with Mihai Eminescu. Eminescu introduces him at Junimea and Timpul newspaper
1878: Caragiale reads his first play O noapte furtunoasă – A stormy night at Junimea
1879: O noapte furtunoasă is played at National Theatre in Bucharest
1879: His first trip abroad, at Wien, as a guest of Titu Maiorescu
1880: Another play is published Conul Leonida faţă cu reacţiunea
1885: O scrisoare pierdută is published
1890: His last play, Năpasta, is published and played in the same year. After 1890 he will only write “ nuvele schiţe “ and short stories
1901: He finishes Moments (momente)
1905: He inherits some money and moves to Berlin with his family, but he stays in touch with the country through his friends and Romanian newspapers
1907: Being impressed by the tragedy of the peasant riot, Caragiale publishes in a german newspaper the study 1907. From spring to fall which represents the most complete and radical political analysis of the moment. The study denounces the terrible atrocities committed against the peasants, the oldest and the most humiliated social class of the Romanian people
1908: Caragiale publishes Nuvele, povestiri
1912: Cargiale dies in the night between the 8th and the 9th of June at Berlin. His body is buried in Romania at Belu cemetery next to Mihai Eminescu