Ion Creanga


Ion Creanga (1837-1889) the greatest Romanian story teller, well known for his funny stories writen in pure Moldavian idiom.


1837: The precise birthday date is unknown. Some consider it 1st of march, some June 10th. He is born in Humuleşti
1847: He stats school courses in his village
1849: He goes to Broşteni school
1853: He studies at Târgu Neamţ under the name of Ion Ştefănescu
1860: He attends the courses of the Faculty of Theology in Iaşi
1864: Becomes teacher at a primary school in Iaşi
1872: Creangă quits teaching
1874: Becomes a teacher again, this time in Păcurari
1875: He meets with Mihai Eminescu
1879: He starts publishing stories in Convorbiri literare newspaper (magazine)
1879: Creangă is mentioned in Angelo de Gubernatis work Dizionario biografico degli scriitori contemporanei
1881: He begins publishing his masterpiece Amintiri din copilarie – Childhood memories
1883: Creangă gets sick
1884: His health gets worst
1888: The fourth part of Aminitiri din copilarie is published in Convorbiri literare newspaper
1889: Creangă dies on the 31st of Decemeber the same year Mihai Eminescu died