Henri Coanda


Henri Coanda (1886-1972) Romanian engineer, specialist in aerodynamics; he achieved in 1910 the first aero reactive flight in the world.


1886: On the 7th of June Henri Coanda is born in Bucharest.
- He attends the courses of "Sf. Sava" College in Bucharest and Military High School in Iasi.
1905: Graduates the Military School of Artilery in Bucharest.
1906: He makes his first rocket models.
- Studies at the Superior School of Aeronautics and Mechanic Constructions in Paris and also in Liege, Montefiore.
1910: He makes the first aeroreactive flight in the world, with a plain built by himself and propelled by a motoreactor. The plane was tested at Issy-les, Moulineaux, France on the 16th of December and presented at the International Aeronautics Show Room in Paris
1911: Designs a bimotor plane, an in the following years, until 1914, designs military planes and targeting devices for military planes in United Kingdom
1934: He studies the deviation of a fluide in another fluide phenomenon, today named "Coanda Effect" and with important practical applications in several domains.
1967: The Polytechnic Institute, Bucharest grants him the Doctor Honoris Causa title.
1970: Becomes Member of the Romanian Academy.
1971: President of the Institute for Technic and Scientific Research and Member of the British Aeronautic Society.
1972: On the 25th of November he dies in Bucharest. Henri Coanda left 250 patents, 33 of them being realised on fundamental original researches.