Emil Cioran


Emil Cioran 1911-1994 essayist, philosopher and moralist

Emil Cioran is born on the 18th of April at Răşinari, where his father was a priest. He studies at the Gheorghe Lazăr High School in Sibiu
1928: Until 1932 he attends the courses of the Faculty of Philosophy in Bucharest and he completes this courses with a thesis about Henry Bergson
1933: He is granted a scholarship in Germany
1934: His first book Pe culmile disperarii receives an award from the Comitee
1936: Until 1937 is a professor of philosophy at a high school in Braşov. He writes for several magazines like: Gîndirea, Vremea, Floarea de foc, Calendarul, Revista de filozofie, Convorbiri literare
1937: He gets a scholarship for doctorate in France and he moves to Paris
1936: After publishing another 4 books in Romanian: Cartea amăgirilor (1936), Schimbarea la faţă a României (1936), Lacrimi şi sfinţi (1937), Amurgul gândirilor (1940), he decides to write only in French in order to free himself of his own past.
1940: He is appointed cultural councillor of the Romanian Embassy in Paris. He travels throughout France for almost ten years
1949: Until 1987 writes most of his works all at the Gallimard. In 1950 he receives the Rivarol Award for Précis de decomposition (1949).
1990: After the Revolution (1989) most of his works are translated into Romanian language
1994: Emil Cioran dies.