Dracula souvenirs

Dracula souvenirs - Dracula Souvenirs' Boutique is for people like you wanting to discover more about Romania.


Dracula Souvenirs' Boutique is for people like you wanting to discover more about Romania. There are visitors who are preparing their visit to Romania and there are others interested about Romanian handcrafted objects or Dracula souvenirs.


Marian BOBEI

Marian BOBEI it is a Romanian artist based in Sfantu Gheorghe, in Transylvania, at 35 km from Brasov. His art is oriented to paintings and sculptures in wood or stone, which are very modernist and spectacular.

He loves Romania's beautiful places and he represents them in his works. For our website we focused on his collection of works about the Transylvanian Castles, fortified churches and other medieval monuments.


Bran Castle - the search of Dracula in a 3D virtual reality (CD-ROM) Published by: Nemira Media and Bran Castle With the support of the Ministry of Tourism

The most amazing project of this type ever realized. At the beginning they tried to work with the existing floor plans, but the plans were too inexact. So, the next two months a crew measured every corner of the Bran Castle, from the basement to the towers, from inside to the outside rocks. The precision of this virtual reproduction of the castle is 20 cm. More than 4800 photos were shot in the Castle. Bran Castle - large, shield shield shape; can be hanged on a wall plaster

So now you can to visit the Dracula's Castle as you were inside. This CD-ROM allows you the full exploration of the entire Castle, including the "access denied" sectors, such as the Observation and Gunpowder towers or some not restored rooms. There are photos and explanations and some floor plans (if you can find them) available.


The Denaro RT company's story starts in1995 when a young couple decided to give a new, fresh air to an old family business: a small backyard workshop producing different plaster items with no vision, no strategy and no future.

In the conditions of a lack of Romanian souvenirs on the market and with a growing number of foreigners in the country, the Tilvescu family, both of them engineers, decided to turn this chaotic activity in a real business.Romanian Orthodox icons and cult objects

Along this period they improved the quality of their products (by using German technology) and the design (now they hire artists for the souvenirs' design). The use high quality plaster or ceramic powder (a special material which allows a better processing and offers better strength proprieties). Now they have hundreds of articles representing dozens of monuments and places from Romania (such as Dracula's Castle and Vlad the Impaler, Hunedoara Corvin's Castle, Peles Palace, Brasov Black Church, Sighisoara a. o.), represented in different sizes and colors from different points of view. These souvenirs can be found all over Romania, so you can buy it from a paysan in an ecoturistic village, but also in the most impressive (and expensive) shopping center in the capital.

Eugen HENZ

The Story of Eugen HENZ is the story of a happy man who succeeded in the life's challenge. With a big, beautiful family (a lovely wife, 2 boys and 2 girls), living a 16th century home (but connected to Internet) in the heart of Sighisoara Citadel, he always had a passion for beauty and a talent do little special things.

But his life wasn't always a poem for him. In the early '90s, after 20 years of working in the Sighisoara textile factory, Eugen Hens was fired. In those difficult moments, when no other employment opportunity existed, his family encouraged him to do what he always did: he started to create poker works and wood decorative objects. The rest of the family was in charge to sell the products to the tourists.

Along the years the business advanced and now the demand is bigger that the capacity of Mr. Henz to produce the souvenirs (f. e. for a decorated plate like H01 he needs 6 hours). Even more, his handmade articles are unique or small series (5-10 pieces for a model), so he have to create all the time new models. Because of this, it is difficult to find to identical products.

You can buy Eugen Henz signed souvenirs only in Sighisoara, in the Clock's Tower place, near the entry of Medieval weapons museum.

Water lily leaf icons: painted on water-lily leaves dreyed and treated by a personal method, with inks preserved by a bee wax layer, framed in carved wood, these icons are unique in Romania.Purest Romanian art (some people say that they are in the neo-bysantine style), but in the meantime real handicraft.

Special materials icons: the artist mixes together all these materials to create unique, original icons: painted wood, carved wood, river stones, semi-precious stones, brass, copper and even gold.