Dinu Lipatti


Dinu Lipatti (1917-1950) Romanian musician and one of the greatest piano players of the century. His renditions of Bach, Schumann or Chopin delight even today the music fans.


1917: On the 19th of March, Dinu Lipatti is born in Bucharest. His mother is an excellent pianist, and his father is a talented amateur who have studied violin with Pablo Sarasate.
1920: The boy shows musical inclinations at this early age, and he is much encouraged by his parents.
1921: Though he never have any formal academic training, he studies piano intensively with Flora Musiccescu and, at the age of four, is giving concerts and even composing descriptive piano pieces under the watchful eye of his godfather, the composer George Enescu.
- He is admitted to the Bucharest Conservatory.
1934: Enters an international competition in Vienna. One of the judges, the famous French pianist-conductor Alfred Cortot, is so impressed by Lipatti that he resigns from the jury in protest when Lipatti is awarded only second prize and subsequently invites the young pianist to come to Paris for further study with him at the Ecole Nationale de Musique.
1936: Beginning with this year Lipatti's reputation as a pianist, and then as a teacher, continues to grow.
1944: He becomes professor at the conservatory in Geneva, where he remained until 1948. During this time, he begins preparations for a concert tour of America; but finds aut that he is suffering from leukemia, and the tour is canceled.
1950: Dinu Lipatti plays his final concert. After Lipatti's death, on the 2nd of December the great German pianist Wilhelm Backhaus said, "All that is left for us is to remember the beauty of what he gave us, and to mourn".