Danube Delta

The Danube Delta is a heaven of birds and fish.


The Danube Delta is a heaven of birds and fish. It is famed not only for its beauty, which is unique in Europe and in the world, but also for the fish dishes prepared here. Certain sorts of fish, that exist only in the delta or that migrate from the Black Sea into the delta at certain moments of the year, are known for their fine taste, and this is also due to the skill with which the locals prepare them. The traveler will undoubtedly remember the extraordinary taste of the fisherman's soup, no match of which can be prepared elsewhere. In a big cast-iron kettle supported by a trivet over a fire, water is brought to the boil with vegetables and then small fish from some 10 to 15 species are boiled in it. Then the liquid is strained and the small fish are thrown away. Big chunks of sturgeon, carp or pike are then boiled in the broth. Meanwhile fish saramura is being prepared from fish roasted on the stove or over live coals and brine. The fish soup is eaten separately: first one eats the broth with a wooden spoon and then come the big chunks of fish on a plate over which chili pepper or garlic is sprinkled. Finally, the saramura prepared from big chunks of carp broiled on the stove or in a spit, is served with mamaliga and garlic sauce.


Danube Delta, the best preserved delta in Europe, a fascinating water world.