Close to the foundation attributed to Stephen the Great, his son, Voevod Petru Rares, built in 1532 a church being patronised by Mother Mary’s Dormition. Built without a spire, with only one apse – that of the altar – retreating from those of the nave engraved in the thickness of the walls, having a rectangular plane it denotes a great simplicity just like the construction built by Stephen the Great. The raw rock and the brick that cover it is warmed up by the beautiful fresco paintings made by the Moldavian master painters.


The inside and the outside paintings are in accordance with Petru Rares’ iconographic program. The southern exterior wall of the church was painted with the theme Hymn for the dead. The scenes of Constantinople’s Siege and that of Iseu’s Tree were kept from the whole painting. The interior painting was completely remade. The votive painting represents Petru Rares together with his wife, Elena, and one of his children, probably Ilias. The characters are dressed in ceremonial clothes; the Voevod wears on his head a cap embroidered with pearls on top of which there is the royal crown. Lady Elena is painted with a long veil attached to a crown, too.

The church of Mother Mary’s Dormition resembles the church built by Chancellor Gavril Trotusan in 1522 and situated in the locality of Parhauti.