Brasov (Kronstadt)-The city of the Crown

Brasov (Kronstadt)-The city of the Crown -Brasov is an old city with a Slavonic name.


Brasov is an old city with a Slavonic name. The name of Brasov was established in the 6th century. A must see place is Biserica Neagra-the Black Church (named like this after it burnt in 1689). The biggest gothic church in Romania (1384-1477) can also be found in Brasov.
This medieval city is situated nearby the Postavaru Mountain and is close to Transylvania's major mountain resorts. . Thirteen kilometers away is the Meadow of Brasov (Poiana Brasov) a fancy resort with excellent ski slopes, chalets, swimming pools, local restaurants, which welcomes tourists all over the year.


The Bran Castle and the Royal Resort of Sinaia

Sibiu is an old Roman city, Cibinum. It later became Villa Hermanni (from Hermann von Salza, Great Master of al Teutonic Order between 1209-39), and afterwards (Hermannstadt-The city of Hermann). Sibiu has the open air Museum of Folk Technology in woodland by a lake, the Brukenthal Art Museum.

Sighisoara is an old Dacian city, Sandava. It was named Sighisoara after 1918, also nicked the Rothenburg of Transylvania due to its beauty.