Bloody sausages


Not as blood as Mary, still, is delicious.



* pork's intestines
* 1 litre pork blood
* 0.5 kg bacon
* 0.5 kg rice
* 1 kg fatty pork meat
* 0.5 kr pork skin
* salt, pepper, thyme


Wash well the intestines with lots of water and vinegar. Leave them in cold water for a while (a few hours). Boil the meat, skin, bacon together and separately the rice. Also boil the blood. Mince the skin, meat. Chop the bacon. Mix well all ingredients in a big container until obtain a paste. Drain the intestines and fill them with this paste. Tie the edges and boil them for 15 more minutes. Eat within the next days. This type of sausages do not last long. Serve with home made bread and red wine.

This recipe is traditional for the Christmas time. Usually the pigs are sacrificied only on St. Ignatius Day. Also, this dish is cooked mainly by the Hungarian minority of Romania.

(The Romanian name of the dish: Sangerete)