Originally an Arabic desert, this delicios sweet belongs now to Romanians.


This desert is originally an Arabic sweet and was brought to Romania by Turks.

Dough: 1 kg flour, 1 small glass white wine, 1 spoon butter

Mix these ingredients with luke warm water until you obtain a paste and let it rest.

Filling: 2 spoons melted butter, 1/2 kg pounded walnuts or almonds,250 gr sugar.
Divide the dough in 30 parts. Spread each part to form a thin layer. Lubricate each layer with butter, sprinkle sugar, nuts. Repeat the action until you finish all the dough, ingredients. Finish with melted butter. Place it in the oven until ready.

Syrop: 1 kg sugar, 1/2 l water, vanilla, cinamon, rose water. Boil the above ingredients together. When cold (the baking is done by now) pour syrop over. To be eaten the next day so the syrop has enough time to soak the cookie.

(The Romanian name of the dish: Baclava)