About Us

Our Philosophy

We are a group of young Travelers willing to guide you to discover all the beauty of Romania, its true values. From our traveling experiences, we’ve learned which are the expectations of a new comer.

When you are visiting a foreign country it is better if you know the language that is spoken there. But you cannot learn a new foreign language every time you travel to a new country. You also need some travel tips for every delicate situation. But will you remember them or even recognize such situation when you encounter it? It is highly recommended to know the local customs in order to have a proper behavior in every situation you deal with or with every person you get in contact with.

All the information's are based on our own interests. If you have traveled Romania and found romaniatraveltourism.com useful, we would love to hear from you, if you found mistakes or wrong information or you think that there is a topic missing please know us. We are always open to suggestions and enjoy hearing from users. Have fun in Romania!